About The Shiba Inu Breed

Is a Shiba Inu right for you? Shibas are definitely NOT for everyone.

If you are looking for a dog you can walk off-leash, who is always looking for attention and affection, will always come when called, and will immediately love all new dogs they meet, then a shiba may NOT be the right dog for you.

  • Shibas cannot be reliably walked off-leash (their prey drives are too high).*
  • They are often aloof and often characterized as cat like.
  • They frequently do not get along with other dogs if they have not been very well socialized (and many rescued dogs have not yet been well socialized). Many Shibas can live happily with other dogs (and cats), but some cannot.
  • Most Shibas are escape artists and many can, and will, climb chain link fences.

All that being said, they can also be wonderful companions and the breed tends to be quite habit forming!

More Shiba Inu Information

*Due to the breed’s very independent nature, we advise that all Shibas be leashed whenever outside a securely fenced area. Extreme caution should be taken around open doors with any Shiba Inu. New owners will need to take special care to ensure their new dog is safely contained.